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Yes. Muna Hi-Tech International School is Co-Education School.

At Muna Hi tech International School the (cbse) curriculum is tailored with a multidimensional child centric approach, which is both interactive and pragmatic. Our curriculum both in terms of content & methodology, is 21st century relevant and meets the highest learning standards.

Comprising a dynamic and colorful potpourri of academics sports performing arts, fine arts etc. our curriculum is aimed at developing creativity and exposing kids to varied educational experience preparing them to face the future challenges of globalised economy. We nurture children to be confident, self-sufficient, have independent thought process and a never-ending urge for learning.

Backed on Dedication, Quality, Orientation, Hard Work and Passion for Education of Dr. Rahman’s Trust's Chairman Dr. Abdul Rahman, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.S., F.R.A.C.S., once a dream is today, Learning and Growing by Leaps and bounds with Several Milestones Covered & Feathers to his cap the Dream & Experience are now far Beyond the Horizon.

Our School stands out as we induce age appropriate, child friendly and concept oriented lesson plans and a learning environment that avoids stress and helps the whole system of learning, evolve better.
Moreover, this is the first and only CBSE school in Paragnipettai.

A school following an International Curriculum is called an International school. Such schools follow the International Education Curriculum and carry out practices of an education system that is of its origin country.

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